Who we are

LumenAI features 10 years of research in Machine Learning and 20 years of experienced engineers in Database Optimization and Data Management. We master state-of-the-art technologies ranging from data science to Big Data and Cloud.


LumenAI uniquely combines data science and data engineering to deliver high-end services, to bring you onto the market and become an unavoidable actor and game changer in your sector thanks to Machine Learning.

We help companies…

• Understand and overcome their machine learning issues. We address questions from « what to do with my data » to « how can I get value from my business and decisions » or « how can I upgrade my methods to highly performing ML technologies »

• improve their products and services, treat IoT sensors, and add value with predictive maintenance

• change business models from product-based to a pay-as-you-use service.

We do research

We are pioneers in real-time machine learning algorithms.

This field is growing in demand with the rise of IoT, massive online data production applications, and needs for immediate decision taking and privacy.